Imagine a school that has no rules, but rather, it teaches values. Priscilla Were’s Butere High School in Kenya is leading the way. In her talk, Mrs. Were describes how value-education can ultimately heal her country of tribalism, corruption, and impunity.

In her first job as a volunteer untrained teacher after her A levels (high school), she was tasked with starting a school that is still thriving. Her 31-year teaching career took her through deputy principal for 2 years and principal for 29 years, during which she transformed the two schools in character and academic achievement; she moved the schools to top ten ranking nationally. Her current school, Butere High School, has moved from a grade point average in the 2+ range to 7.4 (on a 12 point scale) in 4 years. But more important is her vision of building a school on values. The school has no rules, no prefects (supervisors, overseers and custodians of rules). The girls are coached, mentored and encouraged to live the values such as honesty and integrity on a daily basis.