The Five Habits of Effective Global Citizens

The most profound learning experiences can come through service to others. In her talk, “The Five Habits of Effective Global Citizens,” Laura Asiala gleans from such experiences the practices of individuals and companies, working in communities at home and abroad, to address the most challenging problems of our time.

Laura Asiala is passionate about the power of business to solve-or help solve-the world’s most intransigent problems. She leads the efforts to attract more participation of businesses to contribute to the sustainable development, through their people and their work. Ms. Asiala’s 30-year career in international business include roles in finance, marketing, business development, HR, branding, and communications, and corporate social responsibility. Prior to joining PYXERA Global, she was the Director of Corporate Communications and Corporate Citizenship for the Dow Corning Corporation where she led the development of the company’s international corporate volunteer corps. Ms. Asiala has significant experience in the not-for-profit sector as well. She writes for the online magazine, New Global Citizen. You can follow her on Twitter: @LauraAsialaCSR.