Our Mbongi, Our Learning Place

Titos Sompa takes the audience to “mbongi,” a learning place, and asks that they say, “yeah! yeah!” to Africa’s contributions to the world. Interwoven with Congelese kalimba music, Sompa shares his timeless message and encourages everyone to listen – genuinely listen – to their children. “We must listen to what our children say to have better communication with them. If we respect one another, then we are able to learn from one another. That is what African teaching is all about.”

Titos Sompa is a charismatic and gifted performing artist, teacher, and healer, who has inspired artists, students and audiences with his African cultural orientation that holistically integrated music, dance, singing, folklore and spirituality. Noted especially as a master Congolese drummer, percussionist, and kalimba player, Mr. Sompa utilizes his multiple talents to make known and keep alive Congolese musical and cultural traditions that offer healing, spiritual grounding, and affirming community to the Western world. Mr. Sompa devotes special attention to young people. He designs educational programs that teach self-esteem, promote values and behaviors that build community awareness, and help them imagine a future. See www.mbongivillage.org.