Great Minds Don’t Think Alike But Can Learn to Think Together

Questions connect us, says Angie McArthur. Differences are dignified. Your differences form your contribution to the world. In this talk Angie describes how to recognize habitual thinking and step away from it, thereby moving toward breakthroughs.

Angie McArthur is a senior partner of Professional Thinking Partners (, and since joining the company in 1998 has co-facilitated and designed global conferences, leadership retreats, training programs, and ongoing one-on-one Thinking Partnerships in organizations from non-profits to Fortune 500s. She is the co-author of two books by Random House: Collaborative Intelligence (due Aug 2015), and Relational Intelligence (2016). Angie is also one of the creators of the Worldwide Women’s Web, a network formed in 2001 to retain women in corporate leadership roles. As an expert in perceptual thinking patterns, she has developed communication strategies for authors, corporations and CEO’s, and the ongoing Executive Champions Workshop. She has designed interactive web assessments and products for corporate training programs. Angie has also worked extensively with youth as part of SmartWired (