Give Your Gift to the World

Have you considered what gifts you have to share with the world? Dawn Moses has. She shares her encounters with “door openers” and recognizing her own gifts. In turn, she now shares her piano instruction and playing, with her community. She says to ad lib, or play with the left hand if you cannot play with the right, when life throws you challenges.

Dawn Moses works in the financial services industry as a financial advisor, offers private piano instruction on the weekends and is a part time student at Northwestern Michigan College. Early on, she ran the household and home-schooled her children. Twenty years ago, she began teaching piano in her home and discovered a joy and enthusiasm for instilling in students of all ages a love of music, technical skills, theory and sight reading, and most importantly, a belief in their own abilities and talents.

Dawn serves her community through the local County Fair, Parks and Recreation committee and developing grassroots homeschool groups. She is on the County Fair board, promoting agriculture, small town America, and non-profit board development. She is a member of the Kalkaska chapter of Kiwanis and volunteers at her church by organizing a nursing home ministry. Dawn and her husband, Tony, live with three of their younger children. Dawn has 7 children, 2 stepchildren and 3 grandchildren.