Broken to Joy

Mary Fisher distills strength and joy from deeply challenging experiences in life. She says, “Some folks think joy falls from the right opportunities in life: good school, splendid career, perfect spouse. But, perhaps, how we respond to life’s injustices and crises determines not only the value of our lives but also the amount of joy we’ll have.” In this talk, Fisher cites reasons to choose to respond, not as a victim, but in service to others.

Mary Fisher is a global leader in the arena of social change through positive thought and action. She urges transformation in healthcare, to revise the perception and treatment of AIDS, to enable women’s empowerment through right livelihood and to inspire individuals longing for meaningful, joyful lives.

Mary is best known for her stunning keynote address speaking truth to power at the 1992 Republican National Convention – a speech since ranked by Oxford University as one of “the best 100 American speeches of the 20th Century.” Diagnosed with HIV in 1991 and with breast cancer in 2012, she shares her experience, strength and hope with boundless energy. As an artist, she trains women worldwide to earn a dignified living using her original techniques and materials. Major initiatives have been built on her creative and organizational groundwork. Mary is an outspoken advocate for vulnerable people around the world, and author of 6 books, including MESSENGER.