Ageless Wisdom

If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

If you think you are old and washed up, you are! – Dr. Micki Berg

Generativity (Erik Erikson) is a term for the primary developmental task of caring for and contributing to the life of the next generation. Aging with positivity, personal growth, and sharing your accumulated experience and wisdom versus stagnation is a choice. At the age of 50, I chose adventure. At the age of 73, I reap the benefits of my choice every day. Which path do you choose?

Her family and friends will tell you that coaching, training, and motivational speaking are part of Micki Berg’s DNA. Other than her 6 children and 11 grandchildren, helping people develop their innate potential is Micki’s purpose and passion in life.

Micki was born and raised in the city of Detroit. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, earning a B.S. in Medical Technology. Following the birth of her six children, Adam, Joshua, Jeremy, Seth, Rachel and Elizabeth, Micki chose to be a full-time Mom, a decision she will never regret. Micki’s professional career shifted when she joined the staff of The WWGroup, Inc., where that she found her niche and passion for motivating others to success. During her years as Director of Training and Development, Micki’s curiosity about training adults led her to Malcomb Knowles Adult Learning Theory, and eventually to graduate school. At age 50, Micki returned to academia. Micki’s Ph.D. is in Human Development.