Marsha’s passion to make a difference in each student’s educational life found its way into her classroom teaching for her 20 years as a middle school math teacher and now drives her work as President and CEO of a consulting firm she started 10 years ago.  When she retired from teaching in Traverse City, she began to consult for districts throughout Michigan to help guide them toward alternative teaching models where students are not seated in a traditional classroom setting.

The journey has been interesting as Marsha has connected with individuals throughout the U.S. and Canada, learning how best to engage students’ passions in experiences that reach well beyond typical book learning and into the experiential options that naturally and seamlessly drive student learning with smiles and enjoyment and appreciation.

Marsha’s company has grown to include 9 consultants who also seek to make a difference in the personal, individual journey of discovering the role of student agency in the educational process.

Although Marsha has been proud of her title as President and CEO, she is even more proud of her newly acquired “title” of CIO – Chief Impatient Officer.  There is not time to waste when looking at the future of students who are currently “in the system” and need choices and options to realize their dreams and their futures.