Linda Fletcher is a retired Army Nurse Corps Lieutenant Colonel with a Masters Degree in Trauma Nursing. However, most of her military career was spent in the discipline of Infection Control. She became a CDC certified Infection Control instructor and taught and developed several Army Infection Control courses. Among her assignments she served as the Infection Control Consultant to the Army Surgeons General in Europe and in Southeast Asia.

After retiring out of Ft Benning, GA she started several successful businesses in medical case management, health insurance and eldercare in Alabama and Florida before moving to Traverse City. She came to Traverse City with the thought of retiring but got diverted and bought a cabin on an inland island which she renovated and now leases as a vacation rental property.

She launched an independent study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 2007 when she realized that her father, a WWII hero, had PTSD but had passed without ever speaking a word about his wartime experiences. At that point she resolved to learn more about PTSD in an attempt to better understand what her father had lived with and how it had affected her family.

After some eight years of independently exploring the history of PTSD, the perspectives of the many disciplines involved in dealing with PTSD, various aspects of spirituality, traditional and alternative treatment modalities and speaking with many who were directly or indirectly affected by PTSD she taught an extended education course at Northwestern Michigan College entitled “PTSD…the facts and the future”. At the end of the class the students stood and demanded to continue to meet. And so began a grassroots organization dedicated to teaching Americans about PTSD. That organization, A Matter Of Honor, is now a 501(c)(3) corporation of which she is the busy…. not retired …..CEO.