Kim Schrader divided her time as a child between the splendid Rocky Mountains and the breathtaking shores of northern Michigan. This gave Kim a profound appreciation and respect for all things nature has to offer, including abundant health. Out of this appreciation came a strong desire to reduce environmental toxins from our everyday lives and now Kim is passionate about exposing the myths surrounding the value of fluoride in drinking water. Along with pursuing this passion, she is also partnering with a Michigan dentist to petition the American Dental Association (again) to remove amalgam from their list of approved materials, and to challenge other outdated practices that are detrimental to health. She holds an undergraduate from Florida Atlantic University, and a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Science with an emphasis in Forensic Toxicology and Forensic Anthropology from the University of Florida. On top of raising two small children and helping her husband run an advertising business, she is once again in school, studying to earn a naturopathic doctorate. She already holds a certification in Holistic Nutrition and Herbology. Aside from her time as a holistic health practitioner, Kim enjoys spending time on the Great Lakes and among the trees of the beautiful northern woods.

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