Face to face with my own mortality five and a half years ago upon receiving a late stage colon cancer diagnosis I soon realized that death was not something I’d ever truly considered happening to me. Adopting the non-traditional attitude of “I’m not going to FIGHT or BATTLE cancer because I see when cancer wins and it’s not pretty” was followed by the knowing that cancer had come to teach me something and I was NOT going to miss out.

In the middle of the darkest moments of cancer I asked “If I am dying, I really don’t know what to do next. Why is this so hard?” That was the moment, the beginning of my journey which lead to creating an unbiased, innovative, 501c3 non-profit organization that is a resource for all things relating to end of life. The focus is on celebrating, planning and communicating about death as a way to lessen the potential trauma that comes with so many end-of-life diagnoses and deaths.

Kim is a passionate communicator and loves to see the lights turn on for people when they’re hearing information about death that they may never have heard before, or are just now ready to absorb. She worked in the caregiving field for over 27 years and is currently the President and CEO of Golden Intentions, a local non-profit, community organization. Kim has a niche for inspiring and motivating others. Her energy is addictive and those around her feel the tangible compassion and joy for life she experiences.

For 20+ years Kim held management positions with large non-profit organizations including Lutheran Social Services and the American Red Cross.  An inspired and compassionate facilitator and leader, Kim encourages honest, authentic communication as a critical tool for creating trust in business. Her passion for the professional development of her employees and managers led her to refine a process that now empowers families and individuals to have the most important conversations in an individual’s life…those occurring near the end.

Kimberly is a graduate of Western Michigan University and Oakland University.  For more information about Kim’s non-profit organization, visit the Golden Intentions, Inc. website at www.goldenintentions.org