Only two things intrigue Jon Berghoff more than the art of asking a beautiful question. 
The first: possibilities. Possibilities for how questions might cause our human systems to come alive, be at our best, play to our strengths, innovate from everywhere, deepen our sense of purpose or even, dare we say, save the world. 
The second: science. The data-driven, scientifically informed craft of designing questions in a way that makes what is possible become probable.
Early entrepreneurial ventures served as a “way out” for Jon, diagnosed with ADHD and rejected from every college he applied to. Eventually, his insatiable curiosity propelled him to lead the meteoric sales growth for Vitamix Corporation, from $40 million to $175 million in just four years.
Today, Jon and his team at Flourishing Leadership Institute are guided by one question: What causes a human system to come alive faster, more effectively, and more naturally than ever before? The answers, sought by the largest institutions, the most innovative entrepreneurs, even entire cities and industries, might surprise you.