John is the recently retired President of Brother Rice High School, his alma mater. The school was founded in 1960 by the Christian Brothers and has provided a Catholic, college prep education to more than 10,000 graduates over the past 50 years.

Over the past 12 years, John served as the head of school, first as Principal for two years, and then as the school’s first President for the past decade. John’s initial responsibility was to heal the institutional wounds associated with two sudden changes of leadership within 18 months as well as a union drive. Once peace was restored and the school was stabilized, John worked with the board of directors to establish a strategic plan that was designed to renovate the school’s facility, its academics, its alumni outreach and fundraising. During the course of his leadership, fundraising more than doubled from the prior decade and enabled the school to undertake a total of 15 major projects to renovate and restore the physical plant. The celebration of the school’s 50th anniversary in 2010 served as a unique opportunity to reconnect with thousands of alumni whose awareness and pride in their school’s achievements rose to unprecedented levels.

A native of Birmingham, Michigan, John attended Brother Rice High School before joining the Christian Brothers and receiving his undergraduate degree in History from Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois. He taught for two years in Chicago as a Christian Brother before deciding to return to lay life as a teacher and coach. John earned a Masters’ Degree in History from the University of Michigan, married Kathy and returned as an award-winning teacher to his alma mater. In 1990, John left the classroom to form a business dedicated to computer consulting. John’s venture into private business lasted for 12 years during which he returned to the classroom part-time in the mid-90’s. In 2002, John was unexpectedly asked to apply for the Principal’s position and decided to return to the world of education despite not being selected in June of 2002. John began work on a Masters’ Degree in Educational Administration before returning that fall and was appointed Principal in 2004.

John has served on the board of directors at Kensington Academy and Brother Rice High School in Chicago for the past ten years and has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors of Angels’ Place, a wonderful organization that cares for developmentally disabled adults.

John and his wife Kathy currently reside in Leland, Michigan where they are enjoying a summer of retirement before returning to the world of work later this fall. They have two sons who are graduates of both Brother Rice High School and the University of Michigan and who live and work in Chicago and New York.