Jack and his wife, Karen, co-chair Traverse City’s International Affairs Forum. He also writes a column for the Northern Express and lectures frequently to local groups, high school classes and to his NMC students of all ages. Before coming to Traverse City in 2010, Jack served in senior civilian positions at NATO, the White House and the State Department. He’s lived and worked in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union, Russia, Ukraine, Greece and Botswana, and served on the National Security Council in the White House. Long ago, he also served in Vietnam and Germany as an Infantry OCS graduate.
Jack loves learning and teaching history and international relations and is devoted to helping the people of our region better understand today’s complex world. During his professional career, his most demanding and rewarding work was in western Siberia where he and Karen together set up the first western diplomatic presence since the 1917 Russian Revolution in a vast region of 40 million people, long isolated from the outside world. Together, in the Middle East they also experienced the sad toll of the Intifada and the Gulf War and, in Geneva, the joys of reaching agreements on reducing the threat of nuclear war. Jack also made 40 trips to Afghanistan as the top Political Adviser to the NATO Operational Commander. He and Karen live in Traverse City – the coolest town in America.

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