Giuseppe Pizano was abandon by his mother at the age of 14.  When he came home, the house was completely empty.  Having only lived in Las Vegas for 6 months, he went to the only place he knew—his high school.  He lived for the next several months in his high school’s bleachers, never wanting anyone to know he was homeless.  He graduated high school with honors and received a track scholarship to Northern Arizona.

His amazing story is best told in a letter that he wrote to his mother—a letter of forgiveness. Now based in New York, Giuseppe is a model and has worked with many of the major brands—but his passion to speaking to the youth of today and delivering a message of hope and compassion as he recites the very letter he wrote to his mother.

When asked what message he would leave with a 14 year old that may find themselves in the same situation he says “I would tell them what I told myself every day ‘Get up!’

From Being Homeless and Living Under The Bleachers To Fighting For His Education