Geoffrey was born in Miami but vacationed in Michigan every summer and winter until moving to Charlevoix for High School. He attended CMU.  His career began in Corporate Communications in Detroit with his studio creating content for all the US automakers and other Fortune 500 companies. The studio then pivoted into advertising, servicing the Detroit, NY, and Chicago markets creating television for “Beer, Burgers, and Cars”. Geoffrey acted as creative director, writing and producing the commercials. The Entertainment industry was added when Geoffrey produced the Tim Allen Showtime Specials which led to Hollywood where he created campaigns for the Television and Film markets. There he launched TCM network designing the on air graphics, created “Must See TV” for NBC and produced the film short that allowed FOX Networks to procure the NFL broadcast rights. He created a film short for the White House Correspondents Dinner and directed 35 episodes of the hit sitcom “Home Improvement”. Now Geoffrey consults with Startups helping to shape their Go-To-Market messaging and look. In his spare time he has recently written a sports comedy Bookumentary (part book, part documentary) called “I Slept with David Feherty” The 2Yr Journey to Nowhere with Golf’s Lone Funnyman. Geoffrey is also a noted Architectural Designer creating clean, fresh, ultra-liveable spaces in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and on Lake Charlevoix.


In the past decade I began an obsession with prefab building techniques as well as research into new materials and processes that sped up construction and lowered labor costs. After the past 4 summers in Northern Michigan I began to witness the heartbreaking struggles of local businesses not able to secure committed, quality seasonal workers. Part of their issue is also housing for both seasonal and full time workforce. I began to research and create solutions for both sides of the problem. (supply+housing) With tourism promotions like PURE Michigan driving the seasonal customers and having area businesses facing challenges in providing positive customer experiences, I didn’t feel like I could sit idly by. I’m finalizing and funding some test projects for implementation in 2017.