Dr. McGill is an experienced scholar-practitioner passionate about linking, improving, and increasing support to child and youth peacebuilders and increasing young people’s pro-social civic engagement and democratic participation, particularly in high-risk contexts. Since 2000 he has been designing and implementing research in conflict-affected contexts, training youth researchers, and facilitating productive interagency and international partnerships. He is a strategic problem-solver with a demonstrated commitment to reflective practice and evidence-backed action.

Dr. McGill invested several years founding a global partnership addressing child sexual exploitation and trafficking. His experiences in conflict affected countries lead him to see the need to better engage more young people as peacebuilders in order to prevent and break cycles of violence. His PhD research helped discover how to do so more effectively. For over a decade his work and research have focused on child and youth participation in peace processes. Toward this end, he developed the Peacebuilding & Reconciliation Initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance (representing 129 national alliances and 100+ organizations), and subsequently, founded Young Peacebuilders.
Recently Dr. McGill served as a Global Lead Evaluator of a multi-country, multi-agency, multi-donor (3M) participatory evaluation of child and youth participation in peacebuilding (www.sfcg.org/3m). Data collection and analysis included 122 child, youth, and adult evaluators and 1,567 evaluation participants. The process included designing and facilitating evaluator training and analysis workshops, including children, and developing cross-sector partnerships in each country where the evaluation was conducted.

Dr. McGill has invested time in 50 countries, including living in Uganda from 2012 to 2015. He has trained groups in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and North America on cross sector partnership and network development. He co-developed a university graduate methods course on international research with children in especially difficult circumstances, and has practiced as a child psychologist.

Dr. McGill’s PhD in Intercultural Studies focused on developing a descriptive moral framework for mobilizing effective and ethical child participation in peace processes. He also holds a Masters degree in Counseling and a Bachelors degree in Communications.

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