Bob Van Oosterhout developed a habit of reflecting on what works, how, and why shortly after beginning counseling and teaching in the early 1970’s. He has maintained a daily meditation practice since 1972. Bob was co-founder of the Hard Times Café, an award winning empowerment program for people in poverty that he designed and facilitated. He is the author of Slow Down and Lighten Up: Letting Go of Stress and Tension and is licensed both as a Masters Level Psychologist and Social Worker in the State of Michigan. He currently teaches online for Lansing Community College and is developing an app and website called Practical Psychology: What Works and Makes Sense. This summary of essential principles of what he has learned in forty years of counseling and teaching is being designed so it can be accessed based on individual needs and interests and viewed through text, video, animation, short fiction, children’s stories, games, and music.

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