Born, raised and educated in South Africa, Anthea Rossouw has spent most of her working life as a lone white woman in township communities across the land. Transcending barriers and pioneering innovative and outcomes based solutions to sustainable local economic development, Anthea focuses predominantly, but not exclusively on empowering women and youth to take charge of their future by using local resources and culture to develop successful micro-enterprises.

Working in politically hostile, partisan and fiercely protected business and social environments, during and post Apartheid, Anthea transcended the barriers of fear and isolation by putting them to work as motivators to realize what she believes in: An end to poverty without end.

Doggedly refusing to accept the status quo of poverty around her, Anthea pioneered practical implementable local development programmes she describes as “changing lanes to go truly local”, widely recognized today as internationally significant. Anthea has found alternative ways to relieve poverty, which have resulted in community growth and dignity whilst simultaneously building bridges of universal understanding amongst diverse people.

Facilitating real change in situations considered un-changeable and inspiring people considered unreachable, locals at grass roots revere Anthea, where she has changed the lives of many people who in turn have taken the lead in social, economic and environmental development in their communities.

Known by the moniker The Dreamcatcher, (Die Droomvanger) in communities across South Africa, Anthea is making Nelson Mandela’s dream, “for a better life for his people in post Apartheid South Africa,”work! Contact Anthea at

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