Allison Powell is a student pursuing a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan and is an alumna of Traverse City Central High School. She is passionate about innovation, medical device design, and global health. During her undergraduate career she developed an interest in global health as a Medical Technician repairing hospital equipment in Tanzania through Engineering World Health. This coming summer she will be working in Ethiopia on a maternal health-related biomedical design project through the University of Michigan’s Humanitarian Technology Institute (HTI) and Global Health Design Program.

After a good family friend, Dr. Michael Barry, passed away from ALS last summer, she was inspired to try to make the lives of those with such debilitating diseases easier through medical design. She is the co-inventor and founder of PuffBarry, an alternative communication device for ALS and other muscular degenerative diseases. After completion of her Masters Degree she plans to attend medical school, with the long-term goals of helping patients individually, nationally, and globally through this interdisciplinary education.