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May 16, 2018

TEDxTraverseCity 2017 Theme: “…There’s something more”


Historically, the use of the three-point ellipsis (…) in writing was fairly straightforward – indicating an unfinished thought, some omitted text, or a slight pause or intentional silence.Today, however, thanks to “smart” messaging technology, these dots have taken on a new meaning as a “typing awareness indicator,” i.e., the “bubble graphic” on your device screen that appears between messages and indicates that a response is indeed forthcoming: “…There’s Something More.” As we considered this theme, we were all in agreement that we are pretty much mesmerized by this simple “typing awareness indicator” as we wait for the response.
Moreover, the time between messages actually creates emotions in us, ranging from high levels of joy to extreme feelings of dread. It’s undeniable that the human state of being is in a deep relationship with “…There’s Something More,” so we want to explore it: the good, the bad, and all the possibilities.

The theme “…There’s Something More” is a way to get people thinking about the idea that there IS something more awaiting them. We are looking for breakthrough presentations in new thoughts or technologies as answers to today’s cry for something more. People yearn to hear more about new paths being traveled, about new insights that shed light onto the human condition; they want to hear about new ways we are tackling old problems on any social, economic, or technological level. Perhaps you’ve come to a crossroads in your life and you finally see …There’s Something More. How can others reach beyond their limitations and boundaries to also begin the process of finding …There’s Something More?

For speakers:
We are also looking for you to answer two questions: How can your audience get involved? and How can they immediately get involved or take action? TEDx audiences are known to be early adopters and often leave TEDx inspired and ready to take on “…There’s Something More” I can do. So help them take that next step by providing them with a stepping-out point.