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May 16, 2018


cit·i·zen·ship  \ˈsi-tə-zən-ˌship\ n

: the qualities that a person is expected to have as a responsible member of a community
: behavior in terms of the duties, obligations and functions of a citizen

TEDxTraverseCity invites you to consider our theme for 2016: RE-EVOLUTION. The term “evolution” implies a process of development, growth and progression. Most people agree that 21st century society has evolved dramatically in many ways and in many areas. However, some of these people suggest that despite the incredible advancements and breakthroughs in technology, science and health, we’ve regressed as a society in areas of “Citizenship,” “Contribution,” “Community” and “Courage” at the micro and macro levels.

According to Merriam-Webster and, a citizen is expected to be a responsible member of a community, and behave accordingly “in terms of the duties, obligations and functions of a citizen.”

As citizens of our own community — on the local, national, and global level — are we living up to these expectations?

Are we inspired to be standup citizens by witnessing our local everyday heroes and those daily awe-inspiring moments close to home? Do we feel comfort at home and in our towns… our most familiar spaces? Do we perceive a “call to duty” as a citizen? Do we have the courage to do what’s right? Do these expectations still apply in this day and age, or should they re-evolve just as we have?

Join us at TedX Traverse City in 2016 as we consider the forces that shape how we see Citizenship, Contribution, Community, and Courage today — something we’ve termed the new “C4”.